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Tire Luminous Valve Cap Highlight Split

Tire Luminous Valve Cap Highlight Split

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Specifications 8 Bags Of Light Green, 4 Bags Of Light Green, 2 Bags Of Light Green, 1 Bag Of Light Green, 8 Bags Of Light Blue, 4 Bags Of Light Blue, 2 Bags Of Blue Light, Blue Light 1 Bag, Red Light 8 Bags, Red Light 4 Bags, Red Light 2 Bags, Red Light 1 Bag, Yellow Light 8 Bags, Yellow Light 4 Bags, Yellow Light 2 Bags, Yellow Light 1 Bag, Pink Light 8 Bags, Pink Light 4 Bags, Pink Light 2 Bags, Pink Light 1 Bag
Material Rubber

Packing list:
Valve cap*1
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